FX Bank – Foreign Exchange Bank Corp 2017

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Deposit Account

Set up automatic bill payments, establish payroll direct deposit, and bank with confidence and security.


We offer investment options for those customers looking to invest long-term at a higher rate than a savings account.

Business Management Services

Smart Cash Management Solutions

» Payment Services

» International Services

» Merchant Services

Services For You

» Money wire transfers.

» Foreign exchange service.

» Depository services such as certificates of deposit.

» Business support services; such as translation assistance.

Mission, Vision & Values

FX Bank knows that with continued investment and economic growth in the local community that our business will thrive as well. We realize that the health of our corporation is in synchronicity with the health of our customers and their businesses. At FX Bank we make your financial success our first priority.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a banking innovator in the western hemisphere.

Our banking services are offered on a personal and custom basis from a bilingual staff who understands the dynamics and inner workings of both the North and South American banking systems, with a fully legal compliant, and completely protected financial services system to safeguard your finances and your future.

Our Mission

FX Bank’s mission is to safeguard your financial future.

The Bank offers a secure financial home for our customer’s assets under the protective umbrella of the United States government. Our goal is to provide security and ease of access that reaches across the globe with the feel and customer service that you would find at a community bank. We are taking international banking and making it simpler and easier for you to manage your money.

Our Values

FX Bank is a financial services institution in the business of helping foreign individuals, businesses and commercial customers have access to a more global economy, a safe harbor for their funds, and a secure service for their business needs.

Social Commitment

Since we are located in the Caribbean, the mood is generally more relaxed and friendly in nature than you would expect in a major metropolitan city, but that does not mean that we are not on the cutting edge of technology or experts in our field. Our culture has more of a Latin feel to it, with an emphasis on developing relationships with our customers and getting to know them on a more personal level. This not only makes good business sense, but also is in line with our AML compliance program  on the subject of the Know Your Customer Policy (KYC).